About HHAP Hyper-Hypo-Aphantasia


About HHAP Hyper-Hypo-Aphantasia

Larry Neal Gowdy - Copyright ©2024 - January 04, 2024

HHAP Purpose

The primary purpose of HHAP is to offer to the public a selection of information about the -phantasia topic. The site's articles are based on a complex mental cognition project that spanned over 23 years. The independent project's data lends highly useful insights into the phantasia topic.

As of January 04, 2024, HHAphantasia.org is a new website that ought to have all of its primary pages uploaded within a week to ten days. Afterwards, new articles will be added that comment on new research related to -phantasia.

Website Design

This website does not use tracking scripts, embedded fonts, JavaScript, advertisements, cookies, external ad links, analytics, downloaded fonts, external files, graphics, nor any other coding that can pose a security or privacy concern for the user. This website only uses HTML 4.01 and CSS coding, which are the safest, fastest, and most stable of website programming languages for the greatest number of different devices. Each page's coding is typed by hand, which ensures that there are no unsafe scripts.

If you prefer a dark theme, then please either use the Dark Reader add-on or use the reader mode on your browser. The website theme is purposefully white so as to eliminate the need for javascript or duplicate pages with dark themes.

English fonts default to Clear Sans and Calibri. The favored font for Asian texts is Yu Mincho.

Privacy Statement

We do not collect, sell, rent, send junk email, nor in any way make use of a person's email except for replying. Private emails remain private, and we delete all emails that do not have an important reason to be kept.

How to Contact

Polite questions and comments are welcomed from visitors. The contact email address is contact at HHAPhantasia .org. The email address will be changed periodically to help lessen the quantity of bot junk mail.

Our primary computers are kept offline for security purposes, and so we may only check personal email on a different computer once a day or so. Please be patient if we do not respond quickly.

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